Allow us to help you move and feel better

Here are some of the services we offer. Whether you would like to gain strength and flexibility, or de-stress and unwind, we look forward to helping.

Local Yoga Classes

Yoga in the Loft – Release & Renew Every Sunday morning at 8:30 AM & 10:00 AM This is a...
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Yoga is our primary expertise. A basic yoga practice can help you increase strength, flexibility, balance, mindfulness, in addition to...
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Private Sessions

Private sessions are the best way to experience a custom-tailored yoga class with maximum benefit. Whether your goal is to...
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Corporate Yoga

Studies show that sitting at a desk or in meetings for a majority of the day takes a physical toll...
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Yoga Tune Up™ Therapy Balls

Yoga Tune Up™ Therapy Balls are grippy and pliable balls that you can use to self-massage your body. They help...
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Stress Reduction & Relaxation

Life is amazing! But it can also be busy, complicated, and full of STRESS. A quick google search will bring...
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