Yoga Tune Up™ Therapy Balls are grippy and pliable balls that you can use to self-massage your body. They help get rid of painful knots and adhesions in your muscles so that you can move with less pain, prevent injuries, heal injuries, and relax and restore your body and mind. Unlike other self-massage products like foam rollers and lacrosse balls, these therapy balls are designed to roll over bone; allowing them to reach the deepest nooks and crannies of your muscles. Think of them as a portable, inexpensive, and on-demand massage therapist!

We can teach you how to use these therapy balls to rid yourself of the toughest and angriest knots. They are an excellent way to prepare your muscles for strengthening and stretching, and as a result, we commonly incorporate them into our class sequences. We have seen remarkable results from students who use them regularly. I myself have been using them for years and I cannot imagine life without them!

Curious? Contact us for more details on how these little therapy balls can be your new best friends.