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Here are some of the services we offer. Whether you would like to gain strength and flexibility, or de-stress and unwind, we look forward to helping.

Our Services

Local Yoga Classes

Yoga in the Loft – Release & Renew Every Sunday morning at 8:30 AM & 10:00 AM This is a...
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Yoga is our primary expertise. A basic yoga practice can help you increase strength, flexibility, balance, mindfulness, in addition to...
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Private Sessions

Private sessions are the best way to experience a custom-tailored yoga class with maximum benefit. Whether your goal is to...
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Corporate Yoga

Studies show that sitting at a desk or in meetings for a majority of the day takes a physical toll...
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Yoga Tune Up™ Therapy Balls

Yoga Tune Up™ Therapy Balls are grippy and pliable balls that you can use to self-massage your body. They help...
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Stress Reduction & Relaxation

Life is amazing! But it can also be busy, complicated, and full of STRESS. A quick google search will bring...
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  • "Christine truly has a deep understanding of movement, alignment and physiology which is so helpful as an instructor! She knows when adjustments are needed so that students don't get injured. She incorporates Yoga Tune Up™ Therapy balls which work to break up those darn knots...especially in my traps! This perfect combination turns yoga into a healing therapy that helps me sleep like a baby!" Chris – Studio Owner/Student
  • "Christine is a one-of-a-kind yoga instructor. Her ability to connect with all of her students - no matter the class size - made me feel so comfortable in her classes. She brings a calm, centered, and enthusiastic energy to the practice." Mai – Studio Owner/Student

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Certified Yoga Instructor & Owner of Movement Yoga